Where, when and how?

I split my time between London and Stockholm, and I’m available for coaching or consulting in either city.  I’m also open to discussing any overseas training requirements that you may have. Alternatively, I offer remote coaching via Skype anywhere in the world.

consulting requirements further, drop me a line using the form below, or call me on +44 (0)7956 181712.

Be Creative. At Work.

Helping teams and individuals to draw out the creativity that we all have inside us and funnel that energy into their work.

Creativity coaching

A safe, supportive, sometimes provocative space in which you can explore your own unique approach to creative leadership.


Corporate training workshops with a twist. Options include Shut Up And Draw, Buying Better Creative or a bespoke session.


Change management and process planning to support organisations in developing their innovation and creativity.


Unaccustomed as I am… I have been known to give the odd speech on creativity, marketing, web design, innovation and NLP.

Eureka moments

It’s magical. That rare moment when you are present at the inception of a brand new idea. Something that previously did not exist is mysteriously plucked out of thin air. The act of creation.

I love those eureka moments. They’ve been the high points of my career, working in advertising with some incredibly talented creative people, on some of the world’s most innovative brands, including Disney, Starbucks, The Economist, London 2012 and Cancer Research UK.

This has given me a unique opportunity to study exactly how creative people (or “creatives”) do their jobs. I’ve learned that innovation is something we’re all capable of. It’s just that some of us have discovered successful strategies that enable us to consistently access and apply our inner creativity.

These strategies I call “models of creative excellence.” They can be learned and practiced by anyone and sharing them is at the heart of What Creatives Do, and what I do, whether it is through executive coaching, training, consulting or my book.

I’m passionate about creativity, originality and innovation and I love working with others who share these values. By helping teams and individuals to tap into their own unique creative potential, I can be there at the birth of many more exceptionally brilliant new ideas.

In other words, I’m a creativity midwife.


Models of Creative Excellence

cogsModels of Creative Excellence are like recipes. With the right ingredients, combined in the right way, you can achieve consistent and reliable results. I came across these models as a result of experience, training and curiosity.

My experience of working in advertising for 20 years has given me the opportunity to observe many creatives as they do their work.

My training with Sue Knight, an expert in the use of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in business, has taught me how to use these observations to write recipes (or “models”) describing how creatives do what they do.

And finally, there’s my curiosity. In order to learn something at the most profound level – to realise that it is true for you – you must approach your subject with an open mind and a hunger for knowledge and experience. Creativity is a fascinating and complex area. There is always more to learn, and I’m still learning every day. If you share my curiosity, then why not join me on this journey and we’ll learn more together.

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