Creativity Coaching

A safe, supportive, sometimes provocative space in which you can explore your own unique approach to creative leadership.

One-to-one coaching sessions provide a space where we can explore and develop your creative potential, building on your strengths, discovering new talents and enabling you to reliably access your creativity with confidence, whenever you need it.

Let’s do coffee

If you’re responsible for managing creative teams, delivering an innovation programme or improving the creativity of your organisation’s output, then you may well appreciate a sounding board to discuss ideas, vent frustrations, explore options and develop strategies. And enjoying a hot, caffeinated beverage is a great way of starting that kind of constructive conversation.

Drawing on my background of over twenty years managing creative departments, I work with clients on a one-to-one basis, providing an experienced perspective combined with qualified NLP coaching expertise. Creativity coaching offers a safe, supportive, sometimes challenging environment in which clients explore their own creativity, and how to unlock the full creative potential of their team.

To find out more about my approach to creativity, why not read some of my blog posts. Everyone is different, and every coaching session is unique, so if you’d like to discuss how creativity coaching could work for you, drop me a line using the form below or call 07956 181712, and let’s talk.


  • Identify your creatives strengths, realise how they can be applied in a wide variety of contexts, and discover how to accesses these strengths reliably whenever you need them
  • Discover your blind spots: things you are not currently aware that you do. Explore the impact, positive or negative, that these traits have on others, and make choices about the kind of creative leader you choose to be
  • Develop your own influential leadership style that inspires experimentation and creativity in others
  • Explore how you work creatively, identify what it is about your creative style that is so effective, access this style more reliably, and teach it to others, so that your team can learn from your creative best practice
  • Understand how your team works together, identify what they could benefit from doing more or less of

Let's talk! Call me on 07956 181712 or fill in the form.

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