Creativity Consulting

Change management and process planning to support organisations in developing their innovation and creativity.

An external pair of eyes.

As an external facilitator, I can often show you things about your organisation that are hard to see from within.

I work with organisations to enable them to optimise their creative ways of working and innovation processes. Using a variety of approaches including interviews, team off-site sessions, shadowing and “sitting-in” on meetings, I establish a model of your organisation’s approach to creativity. This model highlights areas of excellence that can be developed upon and identifies any obstacles to creativity in your organisational structure, processes, metaphors and presuppositions. I then act as a facilitator to enable your team to build upon their creative excellence and identify alternative approaches that eliminate obstacles so that your team can consistently deliver to its full creative potential.

I have experience in managing creative departments, trafficking departments, software development teams and artwork studios, and I have worked in a number of project management environments including scrum and agile. I am a passionate advocate of creating space within systems and organisations to allow new ways of thinking and original problem solving approaches to occur.

Where appropriate, I work as a brainstorm facilitator, creating unique experiential environments for teams to interact with, be stimulated by and start thinking in new, lateral and innovative ways. What differentiates my approach is a willingness to do whatever it takes to get to the really great ideas. And I do mean whatever it takes. So you can expect surprising venues, abrupt changes in pace, extreme noise, complete silence, lessons in sign language, a singing-only environment or even some boxing lessons to help your team settle its creative differences.

To find out more about my approach to creativity, why not read some of my blog posts. Every organisation is different, and every consulting brief is unique, so if you’d like to discuss how creativity consulting could work for you, drop me a line using the form below or call 07956 181712, and let’s talk.



  • Establish ways of working in your organisation that consistently deliver creative excellence
  • Identify your team’s most effective strategies for ideation and access them consistently
  • Implement methods for delivering consistently high standards of innovation within a lean, agile or scrum environment
  • Establish a culture of continuous open and constructive feedback and improvement
  • Develop your organisation’s ability to objectively evaluate and adopt new ideas and approaches

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