A selection of drawings by delegates attending Shut Up & Draw, a creativity workshop conducted in silence

Sue Knight Inspire Days, Chennai, India.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to deliver my silent drawing workshop, “Shut Up and Draw!” at Sue Knight’s Inspire Days, and two-day NLP conference in Chennai, India. Delegates on the workshop demonstrated amazing creativity and I’m delighted to share some of their drawing here.

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These brilliantly imaginative drawings were produced by delegates on my “Shut Up & Draw” silent drawing workshop at Sue Knight’s “Inspire Day”, Bix Manor, Henley, 28th July 2014. The task was to come up with as many ideas as possible for customising a “brick”.


Everyone secretly selects someone else in the room, designs a shoe for them and draws it on a Post-it note. All the shoes are then attached to a board, and each delegate selects the shoe they think fits them best and “wears” it.

Stickman Disco

Working in pairs, one person must communicate a dance move to the other through drawing alone. Then everyone gets up and performs their moves in a silent disco. This experiential session integrates kinaesthetic to visual and visual to kinaesthetic problem solving.

Stickman Feedback

These drawings were produced by delegates when I asked them to give feedback on their experience of each other using only stickmen. The elemental line drawings with minimal detail convey a remarkable sense of a person and their state.

Thanks to all the delegates who have contributed their drawings to this gallery, and a special thank you to everyone at Sue Knight’s Inspire Day, who freely took a leap of faith, giving me their imagination, humour, creativity and above all their invaluable feedback.