Talks about innovation, creativity, design, marketing and self-management

Ehem. Unaccustomed as I am…

I’ve given speeches to a wide variety of audiences, including conferences, businesses and nonprofits.

Topics I’ve covered include marketing, web design, NLP and innovation in business. You can read some of this material on my blog.

I have also given talks to audiences at both Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support on how I have used self-management techniques gleaned from NLP for my psychological wellbeing during cancer treatment and recovery. A full transcript of this talk is available here.

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, just drop me a line using the form below with details about the event (date, location, audience, etc), or call me on +44 (0)7956 181712.


  • Using NLP to model creativity & innovation in business
  • How to commission better creative work from agencies and freelancers
  • Self management techniques and cancer recovery


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